Our Vision Mission and Values


A kinder and more empathetic world in which all people are equal, respected, and warm.


To do good. Locally, globally, and in between: at Heartprint Threads, we take a humanitarian approach to business, and use the power of kindness to do our part in creating a better world, including giving back to local charities, being planet conscious, and standing up for the rights of others.


Local Giveback “A blanket for you is a blanket for someone in need.” For every blanket sold, we donate a blanket to a local community organization. See more about them here.

Artisan Respect and Fair Trade

We want to help share the art of the incredibly talented artisans and families we’ve been fortunate enough to meet while traveling. They have been perfecting their craft for generations, and we ensure they are treated fairly: to us that means they are treated with respect, we ensure they have safe working conditions, and we offer them appropriate compensation for their work. We are currently working on our Fair Trade Federation designation. This means more to us than a sticker stamped on our brand. This means that we take the livelihood and talent of makers into serious consideration when doing business with them. Currently we work with three families in Ecuador who we've come to appreciate as friends as well as business partners. We visit them annually, or more, to ensure their needs are met as well as enjoying the unique connections we've created together. Learn more about these lovely folks here.

Our Planet Promise

We’ve always cared deeply for the planet and wondered how our business and personal travel impacts the world around us. That’s why we’ve partnered with Bullfrog Power to ensure our business travel doesn’t go against our company values. To learn more about Bullfrog Power, visit their website at bullfrogpower.com or read more on our blog.

Anti-Racist Policies

We are committed to being anti-racist and standing by our anti-racist policies. We stand with Black People, Indigenous People, and People of Colour in this fight. We support the Black Lives Matter Movement and we not only hope for, but take action for a better and more equal future. We acknowledge that learning about racism, instead of experiencing it, is a privilege. We are actively learning and listening, and will continue to do so, as we know this is a lifetime movement, not a moment.

Proud Allies

We stand in solidarity with the LGBTQIAPS2+ community. That means standing up for LGBTQIAPS2+ rights and consistently learning about the history, the pain and the joy, as we move forward towards equality for all.

Lasting Style Instead of Fast Fashion

We work with one-of-a-kind artisans whose beautiful and practical art is also a quality product. We believe in leaving fast fashion behind and we are dedicated to providing long lasting products that won’t go out of style or fall apart after normal use. This keeps landfills less full and makes you more stylish for longer!