Heartprint Threads - Community

Without question embedded within Heartprint Threads is the broad concept of ‘Community’.  It’s how we engage, build relationships and work towards common goals. One of which is almost always the well being of all within it. Hence our newest initiative…

We are so honoured to be working along side The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Center in the envisioning and constructing of the ‘Warm for All’ initiative. ‘A blanket for you…is a blanket for someone in need. #leaveyourheartprint . For every blanket sold (outside BC), HpT will be donating a blanket to The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Center. 

We were stunned to learn they make it possible for more than 20,000 Calgarians to eat, have a warm place to sleep and clothing on their backs, while also feeling comforted each year.  The Calgary Drop-In goes above and beyond, providing a computer learning centre, a community garden, counselling, employment training and support, victim services and woodworks just to name a few! Please learn about other ways that you can help contribute here. We are so lucky to have them around and look forward to what we will accomplish together!


Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Center Logo


In April 2018 we expanded our giving initiative into British Columbia! Finding the perfect partners based out of Kelowna. Mamas for Mamas are doing incredible things for mothers clear across Canada. Providing support for mothers in crisis and ongoing support to low income mamas and their children. We got goosebumps when we were first able to meet the whole team and learned more about their grandiose goals and massive hearts. Thanks guys! We will be donating all blankets sold in BC to the Mamas for Mamas! Find out more about them here 



In September 2018 we reached out to The Boyle Street Community Services again. We had worked with them in the past on a couple smaller yet effective drives with neckwear. However now we are happy to include them in the 'a blanket for you is a blanket for someone in need' initiative. Now all Edmonton area sales are donated to Boyle Street! After speaking with Brent Guidinger the Development Manager at Boyle he mentioned that one of their greatest area of need is with their family program. Seems as though they are very short on receiving blankets. So this is where your donation is going in the Edmonton area! Find out more about them here

Boyle Street Community Services

 Also in September 2018 we partnered up with Mealshare! Ever since we heard about this awesome project eating at our favourite local restaurant, we've wanted to be on their team. What they do (incase you don't know) is they partner up with restaurants and have 'Mealshare' dishes. If a customer buys one of these dishes they provide a meal to people in need! You can see why that type of model felt right to us. No...we are not a restaurant...haha. However we are still able to contribute! For many of our bags sold a portion of proceeds goes to raise awareness for youth hunger in our communities and create sustainable systems for child nutrition. Absolutely beaming to be on the Mealshare team. Looking forward to see what kind of difference we can make.