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A Busy Season and a Happy New Year!

A Busy Season and a Happy New Year!

Hey there!

What a whirlwind! Where to begin...ah yes let's start with how grateful we are for all the support we received. From the connections we made with like minded companies, to the folks that came to visit us at markets, to the people we were able to help along the way. Lots of love. 

Huge shout out to RAAS located in West Edmonton Mall for signing us up for a 3 month stint in their new concept of retail. The concept is about enabling smaller and more local brands the ability to be in a mall type atmosphere without signing a bizillion dollar 5 year lease. This was an incredible experience. The incubator type atmosphere that it created was one of the most helpful points for us. We spent ample amounts of time trading ideas, thoughts, dreams and strategies. Brands like... Lamose, Galibelle, Adesso Man, P.S. Made to Measure, Apollo Originals, Saraswati and a bunch more. I think we all came out of it with a clearer view of where we were headed and some great ideas to pursue. Not to mention being in the 'Holy Grail' of retail. Thanks to RAAS and the team that worked tirelessly putting on events and doing everything in their power to ensure that we succeeded.  

While all this was going on Jenna had a plethora of markets to tackle including but not limited to... Spruce Meadows, by Curated, Little Modern Market, All Things Pretty... I know there was more! She was busy! Super awesome to be a part of it all :) You guys rock.

We were fortunate as well to get into a few new stores over this period!

The Makers Keep was another brand we met through RAAS. With a passion to support and lift up fellow locals, Katrina has incredible drive and is also a busy mother! 

by Curated not only does Candace run a slew of Markets around Alberta and Saskatchewan she also has a bunch of stores that she runs at the same time! Nuts! Not to mention she also seems like and awesome mother with a big heart. Thanks for all you do ;)

If you haven't heard of Bundle Up YEG then give them a look here. A great selfless cause that simply will come to your door to pick up parcels of warm winter apparel and deliver it to the people who need it most. Of course with a plan like this it hit close to our heartprint! 

In conclusion we made so many great many to name! It does my heart good to know that there are such awesome folk out there, doing incredible work in there own way. Sorry for the quick and short approach for this entry!

Thanks for following along!


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