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A Day of Giving!

A Day of Giving!

I got asked today, 'why are you doing this?'. I fumbled with an answer and rambled off something about the business model etc. But when i reflected on was really something much more simple...


Heartprint Threads first ever day of giving. After our inaugural season we were given the humbling honour to donate 923 blankets. Stunning! This is all because of our beautiful customers and friends. Heartprint Threads is merely a conduit for this kind of giving. I will admit I do love being that conduit, and am happy to do the work that results in this loving kindness :)

The Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre hosted us in some or their low-income housing around town. What we were met with was a gathering of people simply hungry to interact, express and share. I played multiple games of cribbage, which reminded me I really needed to brush up as I got skunked once or twice. Jenna was taken back by how quickly folks would open up about themselves, not taking the normal formalities and surface level chatter that we face everyday. She said it was refreshing to cut to the chase in a way. I found quite a similar vibe... some real, raw, relevant and informed conversations revolving around anything from the 60's scoop to the elements need to create another earth type planet. 

Nearing the end of the day a woman came to grab a blanket from us cause she heard we were giving them out. She entered the room almost hesitantly and looked around. We said please help yourself, lots of colors to choose from etc. She grabbed one, headed for the door, stopped and said...'So why are you doing this'. I couldn't help but think of how I treat the credit card sales people at the airport. I scurry by them with the 'I know there is a catch you thieves!' thought running through my head. I know she didn't mean it in this sense but as I said in the header of this entry... I was kind of caught off guard with the question and rambled off something not worth mentioning. But the question stayed with me. makes me feel good. If you think about it I think you'd agree. Simple things like giving your energy to hold open a door for even just a little longer than someone would expect, giving your attention to a friend while they're having trouble, giving your last bite of that delicious pesto dish to a loved one. Undeniably you get a natural high out of this, you can feel it! It is part of being human. I guess why this question stunned me a bit was because it really broke it down to it's simplest form. It was a healthy reminder and I thank her for asking it :) 

give, give, give and when you have nothing left to give....give. 

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