Our Story

We're on a mission to do good

Established in 2017

Heartprint Threads was born out of a simple mission: to do good.

Locally, globally, and in between: at Heartprint Threads, we take a humanitarian approach to business, and use the power of kindness to do our part in creating a better world, including giving back to local charities, and standing up for the rights of others.

The seeds of this idea were sown during years of wandering with just a backpack. Taylor, one of our co-founders, found solace and gratitude in travel—fostering an immense appreciation for the blessings of home and a deep connection to the diverse narratives of people encountered along the way.

Having been a tour guide in Central and South America, Taylor fell in love with the local culture and the exquisite artisan textiles that graced the lands. Each piece he brought back was a piece of a story, and this appreciation for local craftsmanship ignited a desire to provide greater opportunities for these talented artisans.

Our journey is a tale of symbiosis—between the beauty of world cultures and the passion to uplift artisans from economies facing challenges. This symbiosis led to the creation of Heartprint Threads (HpT).

Crafting Connections with Ecuadorian Artisans

Every Heartprint Threads product is a result of collaboration with skilled artisans based in Ecuador. Over the years, our creative partnerships have flourished, and our HpT family has expanded.Heartprint Threads has always been about giving back—abroad, to the countries that have enriched our lives with profound lessons, and at home, to our cherished community.To our extended friends and family, who make Heartprint Threads an exciting and fulfilling experience, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. We owe our support initiatives to their love and kindness.
Our Values

The Team



Known as “The Jolly Man” among friends, you can feel the warmth and kindness inside of him at first glance.

With an infectious laugh and musical knack, there is no better companion around a campfire than Taylor. Except for maybe a Heartprint Threads blanket ;)

If not for Taylor’s drive and adventurous spirit, Heartprint Threads would never have been. He is the soul behind our business and our giving back initiative.

When not creating for HpT, you can find him at every live music venue in Calgary, checking out the latest on the scene.


With a keen eye for colors, patterns, and design, Jenna is the detail-oriented fire-cracker that brings our new product lines to life.

Often caught lighting up the dance floor, she has the heart of a warrior. Hailing from a small town in Saskatchewan, her humble roots and free spirit have blossomed into an insatiable lust for exploration.

When Jenna is not “leaving her heartprint”, she works in the operating room as an Anesthesia Assistant in Calgary. She gets a natural high from helping people and we love her for her generous spirit.

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