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We believe that

The most meaningful gifts are those that warm the heart, both literally and figuratively.

Below, you'll see a curated selection of unique, handcrafted treasures that make for perfect gift. Each item is a testament to the dedication of our artisan partners in Ecuador, and by choosing Heartprint Threads, you not only gift your loved ones but also contribute to making the world a kinder place.
Gift Guide

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Make it a Bundle

Breakfast in Bed Anyone?
Breakfast in Bed Bundle - Queen

$176.00 USD

Breakfast in BedΒ Bundle Breakfast in Bed but make it local! Surprise someone who deserves itΒ with this all-Canadian mix. It makes the perfect gift set for folks in need of a lit...

It's time to rest and relax
Rest and Relax Bundle

$158.00 USD

Rest and Relax Bundle Rest and Relax but make it local! Surprise someone who needs a soak and a cuddle with this all-Albertan mix. There's something about receiving warmΒ cup of ...

Keep your little one cozy

$99.00 USD

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