Heartprint Threads - Artisans


Every product we carry is a labour of love created in collaboration with our artisan partners

In our travels we’ve come across incredibly talented artisans, inspiring creations and families who have been perfecting their craft for generations. We knew we wanted to do our small part to help and share their art with the world. Currently we work with three families in Ecuador. We go down to Ecuador once a year (minimum) to continue to build and strengthen our relationships, make sure everyone is taking care and to collaborate on new items and designs.

What does it takes to be an artisan? Grit, desire, passion, skill, sacrifice, the fear of the unknown…just to name a few! It is truly a labour of love that can be rewarding and abundant, but more often than not, can also lead to scarcity. Not only for them personally, but for their families and loved ones. What can make this even more challenging is extreme fluctuations based on tourism or politics within their community. This is what we are attempting to negate. Promoting stability by presenting their crafts in an even keeled and appreciative environment.

The crafts that we carry each have their own unique collaboration and process. We want the artisan to have creative control, however we also need to ensure that it’s appealing to folks like yourself! Therefore there is always a variable input from both us and the artisan on each item, whether this is, design, colour, an extra piece of enforcement etc. This process is extensive and all about finding a middle ground to feel like everyones input is valued. The artisans behind Heartprint Threads are provided with a fair and living wage for their work. We strive to ensure our artisans are acknowledged and taken care of. 

At Heartprint Threads we believe that you should know where your threads come from. Thank you for supporting artisans and our vision.